"Media Naranja" over a design of orange tree branches

Our record is called "Media Naranja".
"Media Naranja" is a metaphor referring to marriage and/or relationships.
If YOU are my "media naranja," or "half an orange" and I am the other half of the orange, together we are complete."
As twins, we are literally the other half to one another, and this is how we choose to interpret the record itself.

Our record is about feelings of incompletion, our own personal heartbreaks and the anxieties of being separated from one another after spending 18 years continuously together.

In accordance to the ancient myth that media naranja derives from, The myth described by Aristophanes in Plato's The Banquet tells the story of how human beings used to be round, in the shape of oranges, with two faces on the same head.
This ties back into our band name, Two Headed Girl and we thought this would be a really meaningful name for our Debut LP.
We had never previously had the time to come together on an LP due to our academics but since graduating we are able to come together and make something whole.

In summary, our record is about completion along with finding and connecting with the people who you mutually cherish.


"Good Charlotte. Tegan and Sara. Now, Angie and Celeste.
Under Two Headed Girl, the Connecticut twins have continued the tradition in their self-proclaimed “twincore”, all the while exploring uncharted territory.
Their full-length debut, “Media Naranja”, out on April 1st, explores the intersection of their queerness, their Puerto Rican heritage, and the tumultuous life experience called “living in Connecticut.”
Beyond the reaches of emo, math rock, and punk, they meld together the frenetic noodling of Fall of Troy, the introspective pop of Rilo Kiley, and the fuzz-laden confessionals of Julie Doiron and their band’s namesake.
The kind of record that’s just as apt for screaming along in the car with your friends as it is for cathartic wallowing alone.
Let it soundtrack the teen soap of your life."

 - Ivan Tenreyro

Two Headed Girl